Where the hell is Martine? No news from her for 48 hours: update and… END. .

Update 13/02/2015: Martine has been deported. She landed in Kinshasa this afternoon on an Ethiopian Airlines flight departing from Amsterdam. She was brought to the hospital. She is exhausted and broken into pieces. She was tied and gagged at every deportation attempt during three days. Other info on this deportation and the obstinacy of the Office will follow. 


Update : 12/02 16 h: Martine would currently be at Schiphol airport where she had to go through new deportation attempts. It seems that they were surrounded with violence. She would have to be brought back to Belgium. LET’S CLAIM MARTINE’s RELEASE! 


Update : 12/02/ 2015: Martine would always be ‘on the point to be deported”. No one got news from her, neither in Kinshasa nor in Brussels. It’s been 48 hours that we lost track of her. 

Here below, a Press Release by MRAX 

CP expulsion Martine Tumba Bis


Update 11/02/2015 1 p.m. According to the media info, Martine would be brought back to Belgium after a turbulent stopover in Paris. However, we lost track of Martine. At the closed centre, his boyfriend was told that she was placed on an Ethiopian Airlines flight! To be noted also in the article: the lies of the Foreigners Office: Martine was in the process of being regularised following a cohabitation demand with her boyfriend. She was studying at a nursing school and had been living in Belgium for 5 years. 



A young woman named Martine had to be deported this Tuesday 10th of February 2015 on a flight to Kinshasa. She revolted on the plane and several passengers supported her and were taken out of the plane by the police. They currently all are at the airport prison. The police have apparently foreseen another flight for Martine tonight or tomorrow.

More info to come…

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