Yassine was deported and arrived to Casablanca on 31st of May 2017

He was able to give us a brief phone call when arriving to Casablanca. He explained to us that he went through serious violence when boarding, he was tied and handcuffed like for every forced deportation, with systematic shots by his escort. Outside the aircraft he asked to speak to the pilot. He explained him the situation, insisting on the fact that his country was Belgium because he was born there. The pilot did not seem to listen to him and he didn’t speak to him. Once in the plane he tried to ask for help to the passengers, but in vain. He spent the whole flight (4 hours) with the feet and the hands tied. The poilce told him ‘if you resist, we will worsen your case when you get to Morocco’, but he thought he had nothing to fear once there because he had not done anything wrong.

However, they kept him for 48 hours in a police station in Casablanca in conditions ‘as bad as in Belgium’.

They finally released him on the 2nd of June. He rang us.
He is totally destabilised. He is shouting on the phone, he is crying and expresses his anger. He is convinced that this deportation is illegal, he wants the Belgian state to repatriate him to Belgium immediately. He is asking for help (‘please do something for me’). He is blaming the whole wide world, even us. He says that he is coming back, that he is full of hatred, that he will beat up the Belgian state.

Prison and the real torture he had to go through during deportation attempts and during his retention in the closed centre in Merksplas where he really insisted on his belonging to Belgian society, destabilised Yassine to the point of losing self-control and going crazy (we hope temporarily). Yassine, probably already fragile from the beginning, seems to have a serious post-traumatic syndrome which could be fatal if he doesn’t get emergency assistance.

Yassine is a victim, his life is endangered because of the implementation of the new laws enacted in a deafening silence week after week and month after month by Theo Francken. This time it is about the laws against ‘criminal’ people born in Belgium whom we absolutely need to get rid of, according to the same Theo Francken!

The result is a serious and very tough infringement of the liberty to live. Deny humanity by imprisoning and deporting will not solve the problems of that so-called ‘criminality’.

The boomerang effect of these rejection policies has been tangible for several years already and it will only increase if they continue to use
violence and repression to empty the country of its Œforeign criminals¹ and to control migrations or even forbid them.
Belgium, just like Europe, will continue to reap what it is sowing: hatred!

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