“You’re going to break her neck!”


Testimony of a woman during her second deportation attempt


It was last Sunday on August 11 , I had my second deportation attempt.

We left the center at 9:30 am , with the drivers as usual, with guards as usual and ask ”  Will you come back to the center , or go your way ?” to these questions I answered with a smile , not knowing what was going to happen .

We arrived at the airport in a car with the two policemen who had picked me up . They took me in a cell and they told me right away : ” This is what will happen . We will have two to bring you to Togo. We will make a stop in Abidjan and then we go to Lome TOGO . “

They searched me completely : you have to undress completely and fully nude , twice bending forward.

Then there are the questions . There is a lady who came to ask : “Do you have long been at the center ? ”
I said, ” Everything is in my file , that you should know . ” They told me they do not really have access to the file .
We know you have a brother here in Belgium . Would you call him ? I said, “No it’s fine .” You want to call Lome ? ” No, everything is OK . ”
I did not say much and I remained very quiet with a glimlach.They did not think I understood Dutch , they said among themselves, ” Here is someone who is calm , saying nothing and asks nothing . “

Then they came to me and said : ” There is medication in your bag , why? ” “This is for blood pressure .”

After 47 minutes a policeman come to me and says, ” Do you know that the validity of your passport has expired ? ” ” Yes I know” .
And then they kept saying ” Ah you ‘re a good girl , the flight will be fun ” and they look to their camera in their bag  to go to Lome.

” Everything will go perfectly ,” she said.

Then she told me : ” Here’s how it will happen : We’re going to attach a strap to your arms and stuff . This is the rules , and then we go on the plane . ” ” OK not worry , ” I reply .

Then there is a gentleman who introduces himself as the auditor of the airport that will ask me : ” Will you not fight in the plane ? ” “I do not ” get it. He said : ” This has become frequent. There are people who , once making noise in the plane , ” I said .” No, I do not get it on the plane ? When? ”
He asks me if I ‘m sure I ‘m going to stay calm. ” Yes , I am calm , do not worry ” and he goes away .

Now was the time has come for the green belt which they attach you. You can hardly breathe and not move your arms . I can not explain it .

We left for the airport with a white van . They chronomete everything . I think it was 02 p.m.. I glanced at the watch of the escort lady sitting next to me.
We went with the escalator inside the plane . I could not just walk , because I was tied up, and they supported me .

When we arrived , I had to sit on the chair :

My goal was that they were not immobilize me on the chair . I then began to move as much as possible and a lady ( the escort ) said : ” ! They do not want it “

With their six they took me down to commit to sit me. One of them my left foot , another right foot and others my hands . The only thing I did not succeed to stick on the chair so I could call and heard me.

I was 15 minutes earlier than the passengers inside the unit. Once the passengers boarded , I started screaming that my passport had expired and that I do not see why they have not been for a request for a laissez-passer , that the embassy if they send me to Togo with the expired passport , the Togolese begun to wonder : what has she done to be plotted with expired passport ? And they will stabbing me in jail .

So I said that . One of the policemen told me ” Your passport has not expired ” I said, “But sir , you love the fool with me in the cell you tell me that my passport has expired , and now you say that it has not expired ! “

He said : ” You had two hours in the cell to talk . You have not said anything . If you had said something , we could … ”
” Why do you think we can deport : to negotiate with the Togolese authorities so they can see you and not stabbing you in jail . “

I keep calling , but in the meantime they had me very, very moderately. I had severe pain . I cried and I asked that at least one woman ( the escort ) held me .
I told them I could not stand the pain .
One of the men told me : ” You can not tolerate pain , but you can call . ” “Oh, yes , that’s why I call ” Furthermore, I kept yelling as loud as I could, and did not know what I said . .

They took all six of my neck at the same time solid, and pushed my head under the seat so that passengers could not see me all together . I was totally shocked and began to cry very loudly.
Luckily there was a lady (there were four men and two women in the escort ) who responded and said . ” You’re going to break her neck ” They let me go . I came with my head up and I kept saying what I had to say .

There was a passenger who eventually responded . I was at the rear of the aircraft. He came to us , I heard him call . ” You prevented from seeing what is happening and why it is used so much violence against the woman us! ”
Then stood a dozen passengers immediately .

A police officer said : ” OK , let her go . “

I said, ” Untie me . ” They did not untie me , they put me right . I try to show the passengers how I was pinned since they were hiding everything.

When we got off the plane , there was a police officer who violently pushed me to say . ” You lied ” The others stopped me so that I would not fall .

In the van I said, ” My luggage is already on the plane . “

” Your luggage goes to Togo . Now you start to really suffer. Remember this date of August 11 not . This is a memorable day : You had a fight with the federal police and you are now considered a criminal. You ban on returning to Belgium and the Schengen area will not 3 years but eight years . “

I did not say anything and we have returned to the cell .

They told me : ” You will be examined by a doctor . ”
The doctor came with a dress of a cosmonaut and asked me where I was in pain , I left my arm to see the scar . He told me ” You had that came here for you. “

I was shocked and I said, ” What? and yet you have tied me with such poor? “

He said, ” OK , I’m going to write that you have nothing . “

The drivers of the center lifted me to run to the center me back.

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