Videos actions from the closed centre 2009-2016

Lesquin (Lille) 24/06/2009

Direct action – blockade two detention centers Novembre 2009

127bis Steenokkerzeel september 2010

Caricole Steenokkerzeel juni 2010

Merksplas Februari 2011

Merksplas 28/01/2011

Steenokkerzeel februari 2011 : Videoreport and pix of solidarity demo, riots and escape at Belgian deportation center

Caricole/Steenokkerzeel Décember 2011

Vottem 24 April 2011 Invasion of the closed centre bij activist during a demonstration

Steenokkerzeel Frontex flight blokkade april 2011

Bruges october 2012

Steenokkerzeel 127 bis Februari 2015

Steenokkerzeel 127bis Sept 2015

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