Actions against closed centres in Belgium

Vottem : Demonstration Saturday 16th of April 2016 2 p.m.
“At the time when the European Union closes its borders and overrides the right to asymum and freedom of movement, At the time when the Belgian government hunts down the people who seeked refuge here in order to retain and deport them, Let’s protest in numbers!
Vottem, 17 years, I still can not accept it! ”
Demonstration on Saturday the 16th of April 2 p.m.
Gathering Place St Lambert in Liège, Espace Tivoli,
March until the closed centre for foreigners in Vottem

Steenokkerzeel : 7th of May 2016 Steenrock in front of the 127bis closed centre
« We want the suppression of closed centres, the end to deportations, the revision of asylum and migration policies so as to lead them to freedom of movement for all;the only coherent and respectful stance towards human rights, and we condemn police brutality”.

A few videos of actions against the closed centres since 2009 in Belgium


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