One more attempt for collective deportation to Congo (DRC) CANCELED

One more attempt for collective deportation to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) CANCELED
Some Congolese detainees in the 127bis closed centre have been notified of their scheduled deportation for the 07/05/2015 09 p.m., leaving from the
Melsbroek military airport by military aircraft for Kinshasa.

And on 06/05 they were notified that the flight is canceled
What happens? Diplomatics problems? To much pression from the congolees diaspora?

Collective flight handbook:

About thirty men and women were already on the list used for the eventually canceled flight planed for 28/04 because the military aircraft was gone for Nepal.Others have been arrested during these recent days and joined the list.

Among the detained Congolese there are currently five political opponents and a majority of women and men that have been living in Belgium for 5 to 15 years.
Their application for asylum, their demand for regularisation or requests for marriage or cohabitation were denied.
In most cases, their requests were rejected by the Office for foreingers(Office des Etrangers)  or the CGRA (commissariat général pour réfugiés et apatrides), on the grounds of “false” statements, “fake” marriage, “fake” papers, without any further consideration …

For example one woman has been in Belgium for 8 years. She married and was beaten by her husband. She spent a year in a shelter for beaten-up women. Her husband filed for divorce. As a result of the divorce, she lost her right to stay and she is planed to be deported.

No eviction is meaningful. All those people have been here for years,their life is here, their friends are here, they have no more people waiting for them in their home countries and some risk their lives upon return.

Let us remind here of the the top secret document published by the Guardian,revealing the fate of the deportees from the UK and other countries such as Belgium, on their arrival in Kinshasa:


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