Urgent News : 8th April 2013

 Violence in the centres

On the 15th March, a man who was coming back from the closed centre of Merksplas after a third deportation attempt had an altercation with the manager of the centre.
The security was called. He was beaten and locked in an isolation cell. He stayed there without care, one arm and one foot hurting so much that he could not sleep. After a week he was brought to the hospital where they found out he had a humerus fracture. After he was taken care of they transferred him to the closed centre of Bruges so that his co-detainees could not see him in that state. He spent a few other days in isolation in Bruges. He lodged a complaint but without effect until now.

Collective deportations to Guinee ?

A lot of Guineans in the centres. It seems that many Guineans are currently being detained in the centres; around a little thirty according to our figures. Aware that the political situation in Guinea is very critical and that the legality of the free passes delivered to Guineans by the Embassy is always as doubtful, will they again try to organise a collective flight to Guinea? A major part of the Guineans who are detained are political opponents who risk imprisonment and even disappearance upon their return!

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