Appeal by the CRACPE : Escaped

A small click to try and prevent another deportation of someone detained in Vottem. This action has been agreed with his friends and family.

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Petition: NO to the deportation of Patou NGOYI
Mr Patou NGOYI is 30 years old, he has been living in Belgium for 15 years where he arrived one day from Congo with his mother, brothers and sisters.
Because of administration winding and of the laws on family gathering he was not able to get a residence permit. However, all the other members of his family live here.
Today, after a negative answer to his regularisation request, he has been brought to the closed centre of Vottem and is being threatened of deportation.
We do not understand why someone who has his family and life here in Belgium suffers such a situation. We fully support his new request for a residence permit. Mr NGOYI is fully integrated in Liège and he should be allowed to stay within our community. In particular, the right to live in family should be respected.

Thank you,
France Arets

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