Call for solidarity with detained Guineans. Call to stop all deportations!2013


While around 60 people are busy walking through Belgium in order to show their determination in fighting against fascit and racist policies, others are confronted head-on with repression.

Around thirty Guineans are gathered in six prisons for foreigners in Belgium. This huge concentration of a same nationality predicts the eventual collective deportation to Guinea on a military flight. Collective flights are regularly organised by Belgium, jointly with other European countries to Guinea, Nigeria, DRC, Albania, etc.

We are strongly opposed to these collective and also individual deportations !

Belgian and European authorities show a cruel lack of respect towards the migrants they persecute and dismiss as soon as they land on a ground they consider theirs. They take measures that are unfair and inhuman. As long as there are migration policies there will be raids, closed centres and deportations. We are pposed to any management of migration flows because we deem anyone should be free to settle and move wherever they want to.

We show our solidarity with all the migrants who are detained and deported by force, and in particular with Guineans in this case. Some of them have been living in Belgium for years, they have settled and built up their lives here. Others who recently arrived go from one persecution to another, notably the persecution of Guinea where there are serious political and ethnic conflicts or the persecution by European countries that have decided to wage unconditional war against migrants.

The  Occident is absorbing the natural resources of the African continent. Guinea is one of the countries that was impoverished by the Western colonisation and post-colonisation. It is still being looted by European countries for its  subsoils that are very rich in diamonds and gold and are one of the first world reserve of bauxite (used to produce aluminium).

We refuse the selective immigration by our politicians, where foreigners are only tolerated as workforce or during wars as cannon fodder.

We refuse that economic interests be the engine of social relationships. We refuse that only the rich may freely decide on the place they want to settle and open up.

We want:

The freedom of circulation and settlement for all

The end of the migrants/undocumented-hunting

The suppression of racist and discriminatory migration policies

The closing of closed centres

The End of deportations


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