Hunger strikes in the closed centres. Update

7 April 2015
A lot of calls from the closed centres. Many people are placed in solitary confinement, sometimes for several days. Others are transferred from one centre to the other. Intimidation and threats are ongoing. The solution for loads of the detainees is to be as discreet as possible, to remain silent and to wait with fear. All the centres are full.
A demonstration of hundreds of people is taking place in Brussels, in memory of the two migrants who died because of this murderous migration policies.

4 April 2015 Update
Merksplas: several detainees placed in solitary confinement have been transferred to other centres. Two of them still are in solitary confinement in Merksplas.

127bis: They stopped their hunger strike because of the long Easter week-end. A lot of incidents and tensions in the centre. This Saturday, a rumour said that journalists and support would come to speak to them during their walk from 1 to 3 p.m. They waited but in vain. The management is investigating to find the ‘leaders’. 



Following the suicide by hanging in the closed centre in Merksplas and following the announcement today by the prosecution service of the death by immolation of the young Guinean at Fedasil, followiong an attempt of hunger strike in Merksplas that was nipped in the bud by the solitary confinement of a dozen of ‘killjoy’, all the detainees of the 127bis closed centre have started a hunger strike today, April 3rd 2015.

They are claiming for FREEDOM. They keep repeating that no one may be imprisoned without a trial and only for a piece of paper. They are denouncing the racism that is prevailing in the centre. They want to denounce the imprisonment of certain codetainees who are seriously ill and should be taken care of in a hospital.

Prisoners are speaking of committing suicide in turn, anger is huge. Some are complaining about their lack of access to a lawyer, that social assistants are delaying the procedures and let them intentionally with no means of defence so that in the end they will not be able to avoid deportation. Several groups supporting undocumented migrants are on the alert and they are organising demonstrations in Brussels to protest against these murderous migration policies.

Let’s show our solidarity with all the prisoners in closed centres!

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