Shocking testimony: Listen! (FR)

Testimony third deprtation

Audio here: A_arrivée_madrid_25fev_(FR)
-How are you?
I am not fine
-Where are you now?
I am in Madrid, the policemen, they killed me, they hit me a lot! They were 10 policemen on me, 10!
They were 3 policemen who took me on the plane to Madrid, 3 policemen.
Ten policemen took me to the plane, ten! They hit me before, they tied me up the two feet, they tied me up the two hands, tied me up in the plane. No one protested, no one! I screamed and screamed and there was no one! And when I was screaming, they lowered down my head until they hurt my back, as if my back would break. I have never seen that. The policemen from Spain… it’s the policemen from Spain who carried me. They gave me a paper, I must leave the Spanish territory in 15 days.


Testimony from M.A second deportation attemt:

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