URGENT : Second deportation attempt this saturday 05/12

Mohamed, one of the persons who climbed on the crane, will endure his second deportation attempt this saturday 05/12. The social assistance from the closed center in Merksplas announced him this 04/12 at 2 PM that a flight is scheduled for him tomorrow at 7 AM.

He is actually transfered from the closed center of Merksplas to the closed center of Steenokkerzeel 127 bis with the aim of being evicted.

He made an asylum seeking as soon as he knew about this deportation, which should cancel the new attempt, this, if the foreign office wishes to take notice of it.

Mohamed is in Belgium for more than 10 years, he is a militant in the struggles of people without papers and has all his friends here. He wants to build his life in Belgium, and asks for help to avoid this deportation…

He was stopped from making a call to us, but the most probable flight is Aie Alitalia to Rome this saturday 05/12/2015 at 7 AM  We think that all repressives ways will be used by the foreign office to deport Mohamed, as an example adressed to next activist in the struggle of people without papers!

Be there at the airport at the luggage registration for the Alitalia flight AZ157 to Rome to explain Mohamed’s situation to the passengers at 5 AM !

The passengers can oppose themselves to this deportation by asking to the captain, which is the only master on board and can tell to the police to leave the plane, to evacuate Mohamed from the plane! 

Fax and mail campaign to protest against this deportation:
Alitalia 02 5511122 
  • e-mail to customer.relationsBE@alitalia.it       
  • fax to 02 551 11 49
You can contact directly the Alitalia ticket office: 
  • Phone: 02 5511150        
  • Fax: 02 5511143        
  • e-mail: ticketing.bru@alitalia.it
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