Vottem: how to foster employment in the region of Liège

The Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration is concerned about employment in Wallonia

Maggie De Block paid a visit to the centre of shame in Vottem last Friday. It is interesting to see how the media call the centre of shame of Vottem an ‘asylum centre’!

Who would have imagined that Ms De Block was going to enquire about the serious troubles and calls for help that detainees had recently expressed in an open letter or that she would have read the testimonies on Gettingthevoiceout website? No one of course! She went there to take a decision that is going to settle everything! The media (Belga) dare publishing the title ‘a closed wing in a closed centre’, that takes some doing! As you can see, they showed a lot of ingeniousness again.

And one has to admire the vocabulary that is used all the way… they speak about ‘a separate wing for illegal criminal immigrants’ in the closed centre for asylum seekers in Vottem! Later, it is made clear that they are criminals who just got out of jail!!

OK, now I understand, they got out of jail to go back there again, I see!!! But be aware, it seems that they ‘are a source of trouble for the other residents‘ (Het Nieuwsblad). They would be the ones provoking riots.

And another scoop: in the closed centre there would be ‘residents’, poor souls, and they would be disturbed by those ‘criminals’. Because you know, the possible riots can not be the result of the awful treatments inflicted in those centres, no no, put the blame on these illegal immigrants who got out of jail!

Fortunately, the good fairy Maggie comes to the rescue of the ‘residents’ (these other people who did not go out of any jail but who nevertheless are in jail) and after consulting the management and the trade unions – I was telling you, very beneficial for employment-  she decides to create a separate wing that will ‘welcome’ the ‘criminals’ before their deportation: come on guys, get the hell out of here!!

As a result, 22 rooms will be created, isolated from the isolated, and 34 people will be recruited to keep them away from prying eyes. There will even be a shower and a garden or… a courtyard. All this should be ready for the summer.

Source: http://bxl.indymedia.org/articles/6501

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