Rebellion and mutiny – Deportation and rubber batons – ACAB!

Nl vertaling welcom!

Hassan who had been retained in the closed centre for two months and a half was deported by the State this morning. During his imprisonment, Hassan never let himself be pushed around. First, he tried to escape from the closed centre in Bruges; which resulted in him being beaten and transferred to the 127bis centre. Then he kept disobeying the guards; these dogs who earn their living the ugliest way possible. Thirdly, at the 127bis when trying to encourage rebellion, increasing the pressure, even spending one day and one night on the roof of the prison, on 20th of September. Lastly, shouting his hatred for imprisonment, borders, States, the police and everything that places bars around his life, our lives.
After spending the night on the roof of the 127bis closed centre, he was transferred to Merksplas by the Office. After a few days he got a plane ticket for Tunisia, flight foreseen on Wednesday 30th of September. In the meantime he was kept in solitary confinement, isolated from the other detainees, out of fear that his rage would again contaminate the others. Yesterday, the police drove him to the airport, but Hassan resisted once more, cutting himself with a razor blade. He was told they would drive him back to Merksplas. But things did not happen that way. Last night, the guards barged into his cell, they tied him and took him to the airport for a new flight, after beating him again.
Hassan is our companion. The path he chose is the only one that can really endanger the routine of imprisonment and deportation of travellers with no visa, borders’ burners. We don’t have anything to expect from the politicians and the state who only try to make their deportation system more efficient, faster and more successful. It is through our own impulsions, insubordinations, and revolts that the closed centres will perhaps be brought down one day.
To end with this news item, here are some sentences our friend used to chant, and that should be heard much more often in these infamous prisons that the State calls closed centres:
States, murderers,
Politicians, murderers,
Police, murderers,
Borders, murderers,
F.. capitalist system, murderers
For Freedom!
Long live anarchy!

In solidarity and brotherhood

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