Wilde nacht in het gesloten centrum 127 bis 14/07/2014 (Engl)

Update 15/07: 25 gedetineerden weigeren deze avond te eten en eisen de vrijheid voor allen>

Text message from the closed centre 10:54 p.m. on 14th July

« There is a huge mess in the centre. Everyone’s on strike ».

At the breaking of the fast, a ‘racist in charge’ refused to distribute the food according to the rules and some detainees didn’t get any meal. After that, ALL the detainees refused to eat, in a big chaos, and they threw out their food into the bin.
The centre director arrived to discuss with the detainees. Following this conversation, three detainees were placed in solitary confinement; which caused the revolt of the other detainees. Policemen came. At the same time, a small gathering formed itself spontaneously with a journalist in front of the centre. Detainees were shouting through the windows. The journalist then asked to enter the centre but his request was rejected. Seen the presence of the police forces, the calm came back during the night and any new confrontation could be avoided.

On 15th July 1:00 p.m. the centre was again relatively calm. A director was supposed to come back to discuss with the detainees. The three people in solitary confinement haven’t been released yet in spite of the promise of one of the directors.

Words by detainees:
« They treat us like animals”
« Some don’t have the right to juridical assistance”
« Medical care is inadequate”
« It is a complete disaster in here”
« We will not give up. We will continue to claim our freedom!”


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